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Match 24…

This game was only known about by 50 people or so, our school vs another. I’m not going to mention school names for obvious reasons, people already know about me already.

The day itself was overlooked by a freak accident, a sunny bright day in Derbyshire overshadowed by a ‘poor’ lad snapping his ankle in two. The Maths, English and History lessons previous to lunch had been ok, I’m running the void with after-school detentions for non completed homework and the excuse of coursework from everyone wasn’t working, the truth was coursework took priority.

So I start to enjoy a nice kick about on the tennis courts, Y11 vs Y10 and 15 minutes in its about 14-5 to us and I have scored 4 very easy goals. The actual score was lost within 2 minutes of kicking off, its that bad! The only problem was and the problem since about March, the same Y10 retard threatening to break my ankle in a tackle. 15 minutes was enough for me, my school top hanging off me and I couldn’t be bothered. I sat down and listened to some reverend and the makers. I then had people asking me why I’d punched a lad in English, he’d taken my phone and some of my money and didn’t expect a reaction. I went back and played some more

I couldn’t find the net and within 5 minutes I was sporting a split lip for trying to a win a header, the other lad went in foot at head height. I sat down and played Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on my phone, I was beating Strasbourg 22-0 with Man Utd, Man Red as the game calls them. The lad who has threatened to break my ankle got the ball, he then tripped over his own feet and landed awkwardly. I at first thought he was faking it. That was until I saw the compound facture. Very Eduardo like and I felt like throwing up. An ambulance was called, the injury horrific, everyone in shock.

Call me bitter or what have you but I spent double Physics actually mocking the accident. He had threatened to break my ankle and then breaks his own in a freak accident. I sit here at 9pm, on Monday night 7.5 hours after his accident and still think the same. I normally am very considerate in these situations but with the pathetic two foot jumping in on legs by him and his cronies for 7 months I was glad. He’ll not walk for a while its a shame really, quality footballer with no brains when he plays against me

Little did most of the school realise the seriousness until about 2:30, an air ambulance was landing. We waited until our mini break then went and checked it out and whipped my camera out and took a pic of the air ambulance. Talk about a dramatic exit! The only air ambulance in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicester and Rutland been scrambled to the school. Physics passed quickly with no-one back in lessons for a while

The game came, 4:00pm stood on the field, just after school taking shots from 30 yards or so. My feet aren’t exactly good at the moment. The portable goalposts were moved into position by our team, I took a shot at the smallest lad in the team from nearly 40 yards and smacked him in the back of the head! I then spent 10 minutes running as far as I could, for a small lad he’s powerful and fast. 4:30 came, no sign of the opposition. Me and a few lads went back and took shots again, one in 11 of mine went in, a 30 yard run and 25 yard shot into the far corner.

It was at this point I told my mate Kyle running the line I’d like to cover the game with a report, this below is only brief but very little else happened! Hopefully this will get published in the newsletter.

They turned up and within 3 minutes were penalised for something only my mate Shez will know. He appealed and our lot had a penalty. Injured Jack stepped up and with as little power possible put it straight down the middle. The rain started to come down and the game turned rather scrappy, We weren’t able to apply offside correctly and the winger headed an equaliser on 28 minutes. I started playing a little football and the ball got floated into the air, I took aim with an acrobatic effort at the Y11s watching the game, it managed to hit the bench, fly up and over into the courts almost taking out a netball player from some other school. A bit silly, my jeans we covered in mud.

The two strikers for us were lively, a 30 yard lob sailing just over and our centre mid keeper pulling off some fine saves, one of which an acrobatic one hand save to stop a volley headed for the roof of the net. I often slate quite a few of the players but against a strong opposite back four they did rather well and exploited every possible gap they had. After 35 minutes the half drew to a close, our school the better.

The second half was much like the first, a scrappy start but our right winger caused a few problems, well he’d of given the keeper a problem, had he not blazed over from 18 yards on the angle instead of cutting in further. It was on 50 minutes I had to leave and told Kyle to tell me about anything major that went on after. He said 1-1 draw and that was it. The remaining 20 minutes was poor and a 1-1 draw was a fair result

I get home and then open an inbox crammed and the ChapelTom topic on

Parkgate vs Hallam next or Buxton vs Hednesford Town if I can scrap the cash together….I’m running low on money having worked about 3 times in 3 months. Normally I work 5 times a month. The money is drying up…


Stuff soon gets around

When I started this blog it was because I didn’t know whether the website would continue this season, 22 miles to a home game is quite a lot when your busy. Anyone unsure about why I carry a  clipboard should turn their attention to the match reports section, I write the reports and make notes on the games. I’ve been doing this since I was 12.

The recent comments on the Football 365 website have been read by members of this forum >>>> <<<< where I’ve made over 1400 posts. The comments don’t bother me, the fact its called to my attention on a site I frequently visit. The Buxton FC Bloke posts under various names and I know who it is.

This blog will stay open but the reason I posted the snap post below what to highlight the fact I know people read it no matter how boring or small talky some find it.


Unfortunately due to a lack of money having not worked in 3 weeks, only twice in 3 months and a pile of coursework my next game is next Saturday, the 18th Parkgate vs Hallam

The replay was a 3-1 defeat for Hallam and on the 11th I was out all day with my Dad, we missed mini TJ and her team win 16-0 vs Whaley Bridge. A massive win and I’m not overally happy that something I had to came up. If the 16-0 was delayed for another week

No game in midweek either, 2 weeks without football is ok if you have something to do. I’m currently up to my shoulders in coursework unfortunately.

I may have to shut this blog down as well, I’ve been getting some strange emails atm abwt this blog from people who read it


Another two games, Alsager Town vs Hallam – THE BIG ONE :)

I am certainly one to go on about the weather, as an avid football fan its valid. The weather in the run up to this Saturday’s two games was (being blunt yet totally fair) f**king crap.  Rain for an entire week. Was it just North West Derbyshire or the whole of the country. I’ll answer that one in two words, micro climate. Derbyshire’s rainfall must excess that of all but 2 county’s in England. Cumbria and Cornwall. Cumbria is far north and all weather systems hit the South West first.

This was to be my 49th ground, I’ve seen football at 48 different places, furthest North being Esh Winning in County Durham and furthest South, Hastings United. I’ve been to the national stadium of Gambia but not for a match. It was also game 99 in watching Hallam, it may also bring forward game 100, game 100 would be a replay vs Alsager Town.

Anyway it was an early start again 7:30 and we had set off for Darley Dale at 8:10 arriving in 50 minutes that were uneventful. I had made the mistake of wearing my black trainers for a game where hard standing was the car-park and rain was part of it. I was stood waiting for the game to start with Dad, at kick off time the shed where the goals were kept weren’t open and this delayed kick off. We put them up in the rain and just as the game was about to start I was given the chance to be a linesman. Like an idiot I took the flag

Now I will never criticise linesman yet again, its a hard job and at first rather daunting. In this game the referee made most of the decisions anyway. Buxton Wildcats vs Buxton Wolves it was by the way. Had the Wolves not defended so deep I’ve of been able to call 20 offsides in this 70 minute encounter. I actually flagged just 2. The ball went out so it didn’t matter.

The rain was that fine stuff that gets you wet and my feet were soaked. Half-Time it was 1-1, second half 5 goals went in, 5-2 it ended. Mini TJ wasn’t gonna come through to Alsager so I could enjoy a Cheshire pie instead of match photos, I’d rather eat than have photos of the game, many would agree. A pie is part of football.

The game ended at 11:15 and it was time to yet again depart Darley Dale Cricket Club without any sort of win. We jetted back off to Chapel arriving at about 12:20 in good spirits. By the way we didn’t set off till 11:30, somebody can talk for England….

Having arrived back in Chapel I got last minute things done, bring my bag containing Clipboard, 10 pens, my horn and a flag. I made myself a flask of tea and got some food out for Mum and Dad taking me to Alsager Town. I was actually organized and so I decided to go and get the navigator ready. We never waited for 1:30 and set off at 1:10 knowing I’d actually arrive more than 1/2 an hour prior to kick off, this somewhat of a rarity nowadays with me.

The journey down to Alsager was so uncomplicated I couldn’t believe it, A6 to Buxton, A54 over to Congleton in pouring rain! Having got to Congleton it was a case of working out how to get through it, it was signposted really well and we went on the A34 on the Newcastle road and then a right into Alsager. The ground is on one of the first right turnings, we followed the road round taking several turnings and eventually arrived. The ground address is a cul de sac, the ground entrance a car’s width gap in the far corner.

The ground opens up below you once you enter, there are three stands, all in very different condition, the near terrace looked quite modern and so I never moved. The game itself was worth watching, for a detailed report. Hallam really should of won and of course didn’t, two equalisers and two Alsager goals that should never have happened.

I quite like Alsager, dump to some but not to me. This was my 49th different ground, I don’t hate any really, some places are worse to go to than others. This remindered me of Eccleshill United in the NCEL. The mini flag I had and the annoying horn and consistent shouting was just like what I did at Eccleshill but here the locals didn’t mind one Hallam fan. They are probably used to it, the Far Side Ultras have gone but away fans making a racket are always welcome apparently.

I met Dogsy123 and Drawoh off NLZ and Alsager’s forum. They are excellent and I felt very welcome. I had a pie at half-time this was half warm, Meat and Potato swimming with Gravy for £2.00, ok not brilliant but I like a pie all the same.

The game went to extra time and it really wasn’t worth it, both sides were tired. I can’t stress that enough.

The replay is Wednesday night at Sandygate, I hope to go but don’t think I can.


13 goal thriller and Hallam vs Mickleover – Saturday 27th September – Game 20 and Game 21

Mini TJ was involved in her first league match of the season, I was supposed to be at Hallam vs Mickleover and my Dad was supposed to be picking up our new car. The original plans had been for, TJ match morning, me to Sandygate, get the car at three. Somehow after a confuzzling week that I’ve gained a cold, football fever and lots of homework.

This didn’t go according to plan and another 7am start was in store. Friday evening had been interesting, I played football for a bit and my right foot was getting worse the more I shot. Fortunately 2 days rest and 2 action packed days would get me through a bad time. This week I got 2 dead arms, a cut 6 inches long down my leg and belief I can play football again. After ‘that’ display on Wednesday I was starting to enjoy playing again, my badly bruised foot hadn’t got any better though, just worse. I could hardly walk on Wednesday night.

So back to Saturday morning, I woke up after 8.5 hours sleep, a record for me in school time, I normally get 8 hours max. Friday I had barely a 66cl bottle of Becks, some what of a record low for a Friday night drinking for me. Most of £200 going towards my birthday is going on booze, were going to have a drink up on my birthday, then Armthorpe vs Hallam on the Saturday. Thats if I get up on the Saturday, I might just go and watch Chapel Town or something.

Anyway, up at 7 I had a cuppa and ate 5 weetabix putting on some jeans, a shirt and my orange jacket, not exactly looking the best but for a Saturday, looking ok at 8am is fantastic. We flew into Sheffield within 45 minutes and by 9:15 everything was signed and we were ready to get off in the new car. Its quite nice, ok fusion blue is a dodgy colour and I’m not keen on it but its better than the old Y reg Saab. That was falling to bits and everyone is glad to see the back of it. At 9:38 we were ready to get off to Darley Dale, home of Dfs, a cricket club and a foreign company called Enthoven. Really, not much to see there and many will agree. It sits between Bakewell and Matlock.

We flew out towards Fox House, taking a left towards Calver, cutting down through Froggatt and into Calver. We found it easier to go on the Hassop road to Bakewell then A6 to Darley Dale. The pitches are a bit of a kick in the face to find. I’m generally the car navigator, this car has it built in, happy or unhappy days for me depending on which way you look at it. We got to Darley Dale and took a right onto Station Road, after getting mixed up we turned round in Darley Bridge and arrived at Darley Dale cricket club at 10:23. As you’ve noticed my timing is exact, I like to run on time. Everything is exact with me.

Anyway mini TJ was supposed to kick off at 11. She was playing New Mills for Buxton Wolves, the Wolves lost 5-1 to Buxton Wildcats a few weeks back. Hallam won 6-1 that day, I was hoping the same would happen this afternoon. So mini TJ got a new kit, she’s now in the Under 13s, 9 a side football on a small sided pitch. The game itself I was interested in, just goals, me and Dad grabbed a Bovril and stood to watch the game from behind one goal.

I quite frankly didn’t expect what happened next. Wolves took the lead after two minutes, after 5 minutes it was 1-1. After 11 minutes of the 35th minute half it was 3-3. Buxton Wolves had led 3 times, the dangerous striker for New Mills was seening the ball too much. Rather interestingly this ping-pong style game continued, Buxton Wolves were 6-5 up with 7 minutes to go. What nobody saw coming next was New Mills grabbing an equaliser and winner, 7-6 New Mills it ended.

That game broke many records from me watching football, most goals in one game, most times a team has had the lead 6, most goals scored by an away side, 7. Glapwell scored 6 vs Hallam a few years ago, the less said about that the better! So at full-time we helped take the goalposts down and at 12:40 we set off for port of call three, getting my phone back from 02 shop in Buxton.

It came back repaired well, the joystick now functions and I can again take a photo on my phone. Then was for the journey back to Chapel taking about 15 minutes we had 40 minutes to get sorted to get to Sandygate for Hallam vs Mickleover Sports.

I spent time making a flask, getting changed again and organising what to take to the game. Always I forget something, this time my camera. The journey into Sheffield was without incident and the 40 minute journey flew by. I arrived at Sandygate with mini TJ and proceeded into the ground, straight out the brand new car. I’m not one for superstitions but normally I shower on the morning of the game, with a tight schedule this didn’t happen

Anyway I took a seat on the back row of the main stand with no camera and started to watch the game. I will not post a report but advertise instead…

Don’t worry I was absolutely infuriated after that game, however listening to Wednesday beat Charlton was excellent. The chips at Hallam are good mind, unfortunately I’m not keen on the brown sauce and the salt doesn’t get out easily. I hate chips without salt, at Carlton Town 2 years ago there was no problem. The best chips I’ve had I think, Esh’s were quite good though in the same season.

Anyway Hallam travel to Alsager on Saturday, our President’s Cup tie vs Winterton Rangers has been put back 4 weeks.

Hallam should win and bring me some merriment, the week has been not brilliant


Buxton vs Boston United – Game 19 – Tuesday 23rd September

I’d had a tough day and after contracting a cough at New Mills the previous night I headed up to Buxton where you can get flu in the middle of July. We headed up to mini TJs training at Buxton Community School and I spent the entire hour listening to Sheffield United fans complaining £30 million wasn’t enough off West Ham and that they were gonna smash Arsenal’s Young Guns to pieces. All living in cuckoo land.

I got dropped off at 7.10 near Aldi and I slowly walked to the ground getting there within 10 minutes. I paid £4 and slowly walked round the ground. The open end would be impressive if it had a stand on it, its just a vast open terrace that slopes but just big.

I went to stand on the Railway End as I usually do when Shez doesn’t have the money to get to games. It was seriously cold stood in jeans, reebok t-shirt and black jacket. The game started well and then slowed down, it turned into Sheffield Wednesday vs Grimsby Town in 2002/2003 style, absolutely mind bogglingly crap.

Half-Time came and I grabbed a hot chocolate, pie, peas and gravy, £2.80 altogether. A summary of the pie would be more interesting than a summary of what happened in the first half. The pie was rather good, meat and potato and it swimming in gravy, lovely jubbly to me. More gravy = better pie. Despite various changes, Scott Hartley had to tip a header onto the post and then have it cleared off the line. Ollie Ryan ran through and smashed the only goal of the game into the far corner for Boston.

With 9 minutes left I decided to get back for the train, the game was getting no better and I was getting colder. After 6 minutes I was walking into Buxton station, I ran over to the other side but no train had its lights on so asked this woman where it was and she pointed me to the train on the near side. A welcome relief for me anyway.

She turned out to be the conductor and I paid my £1.20 and was back at Chapel station for 9.49. The walk back wasn’t as such a walk but rather a run. Station Road was well lit up and it was only on Rowton Grange Road I decided I could be home in 7 minutes from there. I ran like something else and ended up going through the door a few seconds after 11 minutes. 11 minutes downhill was a record, beating the previous 13 minute time. I would never though try and beat that 14 minute record there, I always leave 20 minutes to get there.

I went straight to bed like the previous night and was left to dwell on a decision to go to a boring game where I spent £8.00.

Hallam vs Mickleover Sports next.


New Mills AFC vs Maine Road – Game 18

There really is no story to this match. When planning fixtures for September I highlighted this as a possible game to go to. On Sunday money looked good and still I wasn’t bothered about going. As Monday passed it became clear I had nothing to do on Monday night. After a quite strange and long day at school I decided to go at 4:22 in the afternoon, 3 hours 23 to kick off.

I got in the car at 5:15 and headed back home to Chapel. Here it was a 1 hour race to get things sorted for the game. After a quick change and washing my hair I put my black jacket on, B-Line, £6.00 in change and my phone I ventured upto The New Inn bus stop. The 199 to Manchester Airport which stopped in Newtown.

The journey up to the bus stop took about 5 minutes and I sat and waited. I hadn’t caught a bus in 10 months and that the only one in 3 years since leaving Sheffield. I normally prefer to get the train to games but tonight the bus was easier as the train times are to be honest awful for getting back. I normally complain about 90% of bus drivers and as usual I got on and bought a ticket off Mr Miserable. Having asked for a half return to New Mills he looked at me and said £2.65 much to my disgust, I questioned this and he then wasn’t going to give me a ticket. Once I asked, he said WAIT very loudly and this made me look stupid infront of 10 other passengers. I don’t think he thought I was 15. I took a seat at the back and waited for the bus to set off.

I got to Furness Vale, I asked where was best to get off, he was very grumpy and when I got off Mr Miserable’s bus I felt like giving him a torrent of abuse but being a passionate football supporter I relented. I set off for the ground from Newtown, I had to try and set a time for departing the ground to get back. I quickly found a path leading me to Newtown Station and I walked down the road from there you have to walk all the way down then walk back up the other side! It took about 10 minutes and I reached the top, at the traffic lights darted across the road and straight into Church Lane.

As usual it was £2.50 admission and duly paid it. I knew I would be seeing quality football so really the £5.15 I’d splashed out so far didn’t seem a great amount. I originally was going to stand on the main terrace as I’m not a fan of sitting when I can stand. I took a walk round the ground to waste some time having been limited to two and a half sides last time I came due to flooding at the bottom end.

The ground really is classic and in my opinion one of a kind, the old and new features fit in well together. After a good look round I made my way to the main terrace again where I met up with Paul and we spoke for a bit and walked down to the seated stand on the near side where we stood to watch the first half.

Maine Road started far better, the Number 8 providing great problems for New Mills left back and Maine Road were putting decent balls into the box. Unfortunately for them they weren’t testing New Mills’s keeper and the Millers were getting back into the game. Band eventually scored a quick turn and shot into the far corner and within minutes it was 2-0, Giggs headed the ball over the Maine Road and from there on New Mills looked comfortable.

At half-time I grabbed a Bovril for 60p and stood towards the top goal on the West Side. Carlos Meakin grabbed a 25 yard thunderbolt for 3-0 midway through the half, ruined by a pathetic set of officials with no idea what so ever.

The game went on and on and on eventually at 21:36 the referee blew up for full-time, 6 minutes after he indicated just 3. I set off on a jog back to Newtown, goal tally 64 after 18. I was back in the centre of New Mills within 3 minutes, 17 minutes until the bus and still a hill to climb. I walked most of it getting to Swizzels Mallow at around 9.45 at a quicker pace than I usual walk and after finding that shortcut at Newtown station again I was on the corner at 9.49. I slowly walked round to the bus stop just past the school and sat back and waited for bus trying not to fall asleep.

The bus arrived and I got on and sat near the front, it arrived at around 10:10. I took a quick walk up Church Brow then ran back home within a few minutes. I then went straight to bed, knowing in 24 hours I’d be on my way back from Buxton vs Boston