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Tickets bought for Buxton v FC United of Manchester

Thursday afternoon I set off for Chapel station and walked up for the 4:30 train, I got on and surprise surprise! No conductor and I didn’t pay for a train to Buxton again. Thats about 5 times in a row

Got off the train in Buxton and walked up Terrace Road, got a bottle of Dr Pepper from Sainsburys and walked slowly to the ground. At about 4:55 I went in bought two tickets for me and Shez, £8 in all but he owes me that money! HAHA !!

I got back to the station for 5:05 and got the 5:30 train back that was 10 minutes late, got off in Chapel and that was one thing sorted. 😀



Buxton vs Shrewsbury Town – Tuesday 5th August

Ever since the Macclesfield Town game I’d looked forward to this match. I knew Shrewsbury would send a reserve side and youth team mixed. After all the started the season on Saturday. But oh no! At 9am on Tuesday morning manager Paul Simpson named his side to face Buxton, a full first team  :O the perilous shock! I was almost celebrating!

The day passed with rain, rain and wait for it…RAIN! I took a walk with my dog at 12 ish to Eccles Pike, quite possibly the highest point in the local area. I walked up through Chapel, up Eccles Road, to the crossroads and braved myself. In t-shirt and 3/4 length shorts I travelled further up Eccles Road, to the farm where my dog was born. I stopped looked at the summit and didn’t see it. All I could see was fog, well we are in Derbyshire, the steep slope became more gentle until I climbed and climbed and climbed the last 400 yards in about 5 minutes. The rain was getting heavier, the dog was getting wetter and I was drenched. We reached the gate at the bottom of the top and I shouted ‘faster!’ and was dragged wonderfully to the top of the the hill and the famous circle at the top. Took a while to admire the minimal views I had due to the fog and feed the dog, I thought I was in a shower. No the rain was torrential. God knows what will happen to the game tonight I thought.

The dog is as hard as nails and loves all forms of weather, well she is a border collie and as she panted I smiled on my way back to Chapel, the 25 minute journey took no time at all and the rain gradually eased off. Stopping as I walked through the door, I opened the door looked out and said Derbyshire!! laughing.

The rain was minimal after about 4pm, good at least Shrewsbury are travelling, nothing can stop it now…..your probably thinking, what did then? Nothing did, at 7:10 I was greatfully dropped off outside Silverlands armed with £10. I payed my £2.50 and walked round to where me and Shez normally stand on the terrace on the far side, its undercover thankfully. He isn’t here tonight he’s 13 miles away sleeping at someone’s house.

My place on the terrace was opposite the Shrews dug-out, back step. The game kicked off before I’d got to my place this walked wasn’t as long as my half-time walk though.

For the first 15 Buxton competed until the right winger was played while been clearly stood 5 yards offside he played in 9 who slotted home. 6 minutes later Buxton failed to clear their lines from a corner and Shrewsbury forced the ball over the line, own goal or not I’m not sure. Just 60 seconds later the game was in tatters for Buxton as the influencial 8 ran through, rounded Jason Stanley, Stanley got back to his goal as the attacker went too far forward but the 8 clipped it over him for 3-0.

Half-time came and most were ready to leave but I wasn’t. I payed £2.50 for goals. I walked round towards the end of the half to the servery, after about 5 minutes I ordered for the 2nd time in 2 Buxton home games, Pie, Peas and Gravy and a Hot Chocolate, at £2.75 it was excellent value for what little money I have. Now I’m not working for 4 weeks. The walk back to the far side of the ground was tough, coat over my arm, hot chocolate in left hand, food in other, fork in top of it was going to escape. I didn’t want a repeat of the Macc game. I looked stupid but I got back safely.

Now for the next 40 minutes or so it was a case of when are they next going to score. As it were Buxton for the last 25 minutes at least pushed forward well and were rewarded as they pushed forward on the counter and a 20 yard, hard low effort to the keeper’s right finished off arguably the finest move of the game. People were sure Buxton had pulled another back minutes later, the ball bundled in but Shrewsbury cleared for a corner.

The final whistle went, the referee was certainly an unpopular man. You would say Buxton deserved at least 1 goal, Shrewsbury were going to collapse but I have to admit their swift, fluid counter attacks always look a threat.

The Bucks got a good reception off the pitch and I felt 15 goals in 3 games was good value, 50p a goal? Give me that any day of the week



Buxton vs Macclesfield Town – Tuesday 22nd July

Another game I wanted to see. After the disappointment of Buxton vs Northwich Victoriabeen postponed I was desperately wanting to see my 2nd game in 11 days. Macclesfield were the visitors to Silverlands and the team they sent was infuriating.

4 games in 5 days for Macc. This was the 1st, New Mills, Alfreton Town and Bolton all to come for them. Yes they sent their youth team and some reserves. They couldn’t be bothered with a keeper and used Buxton’s 2nd choice keeper. What if either Hartley or Stanley was injured? I dont know. Pure idiocy from a side who are football league, understandable if they had 3 keepers struck down with a virus. But in pre-season, mid summer?? Ridiculous.

Getting to Buxton was easy, quick lift up by my dad and he picked me up after for £1.20. Not bad, dropping me right outside and picking me up right outside. I went in for £2.50 and waited for about 15 minutes for Shez, he turned up with Liverpool fan and like us part-time Buck Mark Percival. Great guy, he always poaches shots from around 1/2 yard and misses them, other times he can crack a brilliant 25 yarder.

So with a smaller crowd than the Barnsley game we get a good view watching the Bucks kick left to right towards the open end. John Rooney put Macc ahead with a well taken goal, Mark Hume was then unfortunately denied by a linesman’s flag after putting a textbook header beyond Stanley

At half-time I sampled the pie, peas and gravy and at £2.00 aint bad. I grabbed a hot-chocolate while I was at it as well. £2.70 and got back behind the goal and my fork went. Oh crap. Believe me I was fuming. I trekked back with my pie and Shez and Mark had just ordered their food. We sat down for the rest of half time and it long into the 2nd half before I’d finished

Buxton got 3 in 12 starting on 61 minutes, the first a 25 yard lob bettering Gavin Knight against Barnsley which sent us running towards the perimeter wall to celebrate. The 2nd goal was just as good, Mark Balfe glancing home a right wing cross and the 3rd was better again. Scott Maxfield then hit a corner with the outside of his right foot on the right which somehow crept in at Stanley’s far post for 3-1.

The 3-1 lead looked safe but wasnt two late goals sent the Silkmen back to Moss Rose with a draw. I ventured out the ground saying goodbye to my mates and said I’ll see them in 2 weeks time against Shrewsbury Town.

I went home via my Dad, had a Budeweiser and went off to bed at about 1am.



Buxton vs Barnsley – Friday 11th July

I couldn’t wait to see Barnsley in action for the first time in 3 years. I am a Sheffield Wednesday fan and of course I’m not keen on Barnsley, infact I hate them. They are a small club to me.

I made my way upto Chapel station, knowing I had to run the 1 mile journey within 18 minutes. I’d decided to get changed and ready with 40 minutes left until the train. So I ran straight through to the bottom of Station Road and arrived at 18:43. The train was 9 minutes away, the trek to the platform was 10 minutes. It was raining, I couldn’t be bothered I had 3 layers of clothes on. It was the end of my work experience working with springs, quite kool stuff really.

Anyway I ran to the bridge and did a quick walk to the corner, knowing I was 4 minutes away with 5 minutes to spare. Making the train would be great. I got there and sat down. The tannoy comes on….”We are sorry to announce that the 18:52 to Buxton has been delayed by approximately 18 minutes” I was instantly filled with rage. Incredibly the train arrived within 5 minutes and I was in Buxton by 10 past 7. Incredible.

I met my mate Sheridan, Shez as he’s known by most. at the station and we walked down the road, straight through town up the hill and into the ground easily making kick off.

So I get to the turnstile man, I’m dressed in blue jeans, jacket and black military style coat. He says ‘That’s £5 please’ I almost chock, ”I’m 15 mate”. So I pay my £2.50 and head towards the main terrace on the far side. Its got to be one of my favourite side stands, running the full length of the pitch supported by numerous poles with 4 steps, its uncovered hard standing to the front. Brilliant.

The match itself wasn’t brilliant, Barnsley on the 1st half performance were putting it bluntly, rubbish. They scored through Jon Macken after 23 minutes after beating two defenders. But the next goal was from Buxton, a superb 20 yard strike from Gavin Knight flying over the despairing Steele.

At half-time it was a cheese burger and at £2, quality. 2nd half Janil Adam got a double and Macken scored again. 4-1 in the end but Barnsley look certain for relegation on this show.

After the chants from Buxton fans and banter me and Shez decided to exit in the corner of the ground. We got out and I walked to the road, almost getting run off in the process. Still. Got picked up and went back to Chapel arriving a little after 9:30