New Mills v Hyde United – Game 30 – Monday 27th October 2008

Sorry this is over a week late but here goes. It was my first day of the school half term holidays and after two eye piercing games at Buxton on Saturday I was going to my 30th game of the season so far. Looking forward to it? You bet I was. This game was a Manchester Premier Cup tie, I personally couldn’t wait.

The day itself was quite good, I woke up intending to go to Manchester for the day but the money has dried up and I couldn’t afford. I decided to look at the National Cycle Route’s near Chapel. I looked at it and thought it was a complete load of crap and went out to get my bike. The recent rain meant any cycling would involve mud, I decided to wear my best t-shirt underneath a waterproof jacket and had some 3/4 length trackies on. I set off just after 10:30 aiming to be back by about 3. Not really knowing where I was going.

Its fair to say I’m not overally fit at the moment having not rode my bike for the best part of a year. I cycled towards Chapel Milton, under the Blackbrook Valley viaducts and onto the Tramway Trail to Buxworth. The ground was waterlogged, there was a lot of mud and 6 inch deep puddles. By the time I arrived at the Bugsworth basin I looked like I’d slept in a mudbath. Head to toe in mud. I decided to carry on following the Canal, I never intended to go as far as I did but arrived at Marple at just after 12. I carried on following the canal path towards Macclesfield. Obviously I never went to Macc but had to cross a road, lifted my bike over a gate that stated no bikes and cycled on the path to the A6 at High Lane. I arrived at High Lane just after 12:30 and cycled up hill all the way back to Whaley Bridge

I got caught in a hailstorm at Disley before arriving in Whaley just after 1:15. Not bad timing, 11 miles in 40 minutes. I started to suffer with fatigue and my back packed up halfway to Tunstead Milton. I kept resting along the B5004 and arrived eventually back home still covered head to toe in mud at 2:00. Making it through the door and falling in a heap with my legs not being able to support my body anymore.

I quicked showered off and then got ready for the New Mills v Hyde game later in the day. I passed the day on football forums and listening to Oasis and Pendulum repeatedly till I kicking myself with boredom. I then won the Cricket World Cup 1999 game, smashing 893 runs for 3 with England v Australia, I bowled the Aussies out for a meek 23. I had won the game AGAIN.

My Dad took me and mini TJ over to Church Lane, £2.50 admission on an extremely cold High Peak night. New Mills started the better but fell behind shortly before the break while I was trying to get a Bovril. Being who and what I am I got two Bovrils. Its cold I’m tired I want a drink. I went to stand down with some New Mills fans I know and watched New Mills equalise from 20 yards before a magnificent own goal put the Tamesiders back infront for 2-1. Hyde had brought few if any fans and most of the 150+ crowd were Millers. On a singing contest the NWCFL side would win by chanting just the once.

The Millers hauled themselves level with not long left and the Hyde keeper had to exit the play injured. The game went to extra time after a 2-2 draw but decided to leave and take some rest after a good match

It ended 4-2 New Mills after extra time

Next up = New Mills v AFC Fylde


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