New Mills v AFC Fylde, Game 31 and Game 32

This was a later start than usual and I’ll keep this report rather short as I have another to catch up on. Mini TJ as usual played on a Saturday and it was the 1st day of November, the night after Halloween. Halloween had been ok, two of the 10 paint bombs exploded prematurely on a carpet. The rest I had to take out manually open them up, let the paint drip into thick grass then bury the bags under a pile of leaves. My wellies had gone black after paint went on them

Onto the morning, I got up at 9:30 ish and got ready to some reporting on mini TJ’s game against Doe Lea. Doe Lea is a small place 5 miles from Chesterfield. The journey down wasn’t too bad my opting for wellies over trainers proved a fine choice as the wet ground would of soaked my trainers with no time to dry them. The Wolves led 2-1 at the break but somehow found themselves 6-3 down with 20 minutes of the start of the second half. She played well and the Wolves grabbed a late goal which was more than deserved.

We headed towards Buxton after the game, arriving at about 1:10 where I said goodbye to the family and still in my wellies headed off to Buxton station for the 1:30 train to New Mills. £2.65 return from Chapel to New Mills on the bus is a rip off, the price for an 11 mile return trip to New Mills was £2.40. The robbing sods on the buses, I f**king hate them. Excuse the language but I’m sorry why should I pay a rip off amount for a bus? I’d rather walk 10 minutes further than get abuse off a bus driver. My advise is don’t use it unless you must. Whenever I’ve travelled by bus I’d got off wanting to throw a brick through the window. The train is far better, the conductors do a grand job.

Anyway I bought a ticket and waited for the train to depart. It did right on time and arrived on time in New Mills at just after 1:50. I stepped off the train and had 1 hour to waste. I didn’t fancy walking upto the ground so early with very little battery on my phone otherwise I’d of listening to music and played Pro Evo 2009 on my phone. I walked over the footbridge double checked departure times for the way back and walked down into New Mills. I walked to Union Road and followed a path round and back on myself that lead onto the Sett Valley Trail under the Union Road bridge, I followed my nose heading in a general direction of North.

I ended up at the bottom of Church Lane and walked as slow as I could. I entered the ground not knowing what time it was. I looked at my phone, 2:11. Oh great. I sat down in the main stand and waited and waited and waited for the game to started. Just like double physics only worse.

The game did start and it was nothing short of ok. New Mills played well stopping top of the table AFC Fylde from leaving Church Lane with any sort of point. Adam Mather smashed the only goal of the game in the first half and Fylde consistently attacked without making any great chances. As I write this they’ve apparently signed a striker who CAN hit a barn door. For top of the table they looked very average just like their supposed massive away support that was hardly noticed apart from two flags.

Half-Time saw me come away with no Bovril but a 90p can of Coke. Another rip off but can’t fault the club for trying to make money. Fylde did leave New Mills fans tearing their hair out right to the end and Kharas for New Mills went off injured but when the final whistle blew a few things became clear. New Mills always win when I see them, Fylde aren’t unbeatable and every match should be enjoyed.

I walked along Marsh Lane at full time and waited for my Dad who picked me up instead of me walking to the station. I got in to a Wednesday draw at Palace.


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