You’ve just got to love football…game 28 and game 29

A lot of people would probably laugh at this pick of games. Blazing Rag v Bradwell Sports in the DD Cup North and Buxton v Marine in the Unibond Premier. The weather since my last game on Monday was fantastic despite this our school field resembled a mudbath and I had thoughts of mudbaths up on Kents Bank Road home of Blazing Rag.

We broke up Thursday so I enjoyed listening to music and playing Stick Cricket for most of Friday, Stick Cricket is officially the most frustrating game on the internet. Bar none it drives me insane. Just for a change on Friday it tipped it down all day. I had thoughts of getting to Blazing Rag with no game on. Thats the last thing I wanted.

Saturday morning I wasn’t up so early in fact up at 10 ish. I had nothing to eat but had a cuppa then sat down and checked the kick off time at the Rag once more. I then watched football focus before we decided to set off at 12:40 for Buxton and mini TJs sponsored run for her football team. Fun, fun, fun!!! We arrived at Buxton Community School quite early so I got dropped off at Rag vs Bradwell and to my delight it was on. I had a raincoat and was prepared for the worst.

Actually I wasn’t prepared for anything after what happened next. The gale force wind and driving rain started. The first half was almost as bad as the weather, the teams appearing from a hut 60 yards from the pitch similar to Edale’s and Blazing Rag were donned in all red while Bradwell Sports wore white with black sleeves, black shorts and black socks. The first half saw few chances and me and my Dad happened to know half of Bradwell’s side combined.

In the second half everything livened up, Blazing Rag took the lead through a header then clipped the bar from over 40 yards. For the Blazing Rag it went all up in flames, Bradwell scored 2 quick goals and it was all over despite Rag’s best efforts. Bradwell scored another where anyone watching or playing could of got hypothermia such was the intensity of the weather

My Dad picked me up and dropped me off 2 minutes away at Silverlands. I arrived about 5 minutes early, my sister had left her money and her phone in the car and I simply couldn’t find her in the ground. So anyway the game kicked off and from the start you could Buxton weren’t going to win. Carl O Donnell knocked home after 18 minutes and you would of expected Marine to push for a second that they’d be expected of getting. They are 2nd in the Unibond Premier Division and at 17th place Buxton.

This simply didn’t happen, Buxton pressed well but couldn’t find an end product consistently fouled and the referee couldn’t care less. Gavin Knight hit the post and then was taken off injured. Gregg Anderson was then victim of a Carl O’Donnell tackle, totally wreckless, late, two footed and it was 4 minute stoppage. A horrible little player. £1.30 for a bacon bap ain’t bad after I covered it in brown sauce, as opposed to £2 for a burger, it was brilliant value for money

Marine came out and did the same in the second half. The keeper had about 70% of Marine second half possession a timewasting cheat, the 6 had no respect and 7 was a troublemaker. Buxton threw everything at Marine but it simply wasn’t going to happen. The Mariners got a very late penalty, Scott Hartley was adjudged to have fouled Shaun Tuck, a foul nobody actually saw. Sean Hussey scored the penalty and there uproar on all 4 sides of Silverlands. Buxton fans hurling abuse at Marine players and the referee who in one word was ‘Sh*te’

I got home, checked the results I knew weren’t in my favour, Hallam and Sheffield Wednesday defeated.


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