You shall not go to match and a 9 goal cracker

Today was like no other Saturday morning at the moment, another early start and another chance to get my trainers soaked before racing to get them dry before the afternoon’s match. Today mini TJ was playing the Buxton Wildcats for only the 3rd time in 5 weeks, this sort of sentence is usually followed by a sarcastic smilie. With wordpress not having smilies I can’t put one, rather frustrating one must say.

I got up at 7:30 by a rather loud dog and my phone blurting out 18-30 by the Reverend and the Makers. I looked through the msn convos I had at 11:30 last night checking if I’d missed anything or said anything I shouldn’t of. Convos on a Friday are usually written under the influence, I hadn’t drunk any alcohol but checked for the hell of it.

I went down and made a cup of tea knowing I wouldn’t have time to drink it, in the end I tipped it into a mini flask and me, mini TJ, Dad and Tip made our way to Buxton where we picked up Tara’s teammate and her Mum. The journey on the A6 was as good as watching a repeat of Sheffield Wednesday vs Grimsby Town in 2002/2003. It was that boring I almost fell asleep though surprisingly we arrived at Darley Dale pitches within 40 minutes of setting off from home.

We went upto the top where the pavillion is located and waited, me and mini TJ having a kick about on the soaked grass and my feet were wet within 5 minutes. The game kicked off at 9:41 with me and about 6 others stood behind the goal cheering the Wolves on. A full report is located…. after the Wildcats 3rd goal a complain was made about us standing behind the goal, the referee told us to move to the sides as apparently we could be putting the opposition off. I’m sorry but aren’t relatives of the players allowed to cheer their side on? Is this wrong?

Half-Time passed quite well, little Tip was enjoying attention and the Wolves were ready to start 2 minutes earlier than their opponents.

The second half was quite funny, the linesman and referee not playing to the full ball out = throw in rule. Instead calling throw in’s when the ball was half out or on the line. 3 more goals followed after 6 goals in a quality first half, the 5-4 scoreline was probably not a fair reflection of the game.

At the end we departed in good spirits, taking the A6 to Ashford, the backroad to Wardlow Myers and the A623 back to Chapel. Everything was going according to plan. We got back to Chapel just after midday and as usual I prepared everything, match reporting stuff, flask, camera and after a bite to eat we set off at 1:20 knowing we’d make kick off quite easily.

We arrived in Sheffield just after 2 and headed out towards Meadowhall on roads I’d not been on for nearly 5 years. Then it clicked, I’d not got a seperate independent set of directions to Parkgate. We followed the navigation system to Green Lane, Rawmarsh and arrived at 2:25. Unfortunately it was the wrong Green Lane and I was 5 miles from Parkgate F.C with no clue how to get there. I was on the wrong end of a b*llocking and we set off towards Parkgate.

Now in Rotherham its fair to say the people aren’t the cleverest and many mock Rotherham for being ‘thick’. The next hour proved that sincerely and after trawling round Rotherham for 40 minutes we couldn’t find the ground and seemed ready to give up. No-one knew where Parkgate Football Club was. At 3:19 I remembered a road near Roundwood Sports Complex and 6 minutes later found the correct Green Lane but no ground entrance.

I was dropped off at a bus stop and was walking into unknown territory. I headed down a lane and past a cricket pitch to Roundwood pavillion with no idea where the ground was. I walked round the pavillion and found the entrance to my uttermost relief. I paid £2.00 and that was the best £2 I’ve ever handed over. I sent a quick text saying I’d arrived at a 0-0 after 27 minutes and stood on the far-side to watch the first half making few notes.

A full report is at – It was the best 1-1 I’ve seen and compared to Buxton vs Boston it was absolutely brilliant. The journey home was better and I was glad I’d got to the game. Thats one derby game out the way but I’m actually concerned about Hallam. I’ll be back in 2 weeks for the Thackley home game.


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