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You’ve just got to love football…game 28 and game 29

A lot of people would probably laugh at this pick of games. Blazing Rag v Bradwell Sports in the DD Cup North and Buxton v Marine in the Unibond Premier. The weather since my last game on Monday was fantastic despite this our school field resembled a mudbath and I had thoughts of mudbaths up on Kents Bank Road home of Blazing Rag.

We broke up Thursday so I enjoyed listening to music and playing Stick Cricket for most of Friday, Stick Cricket is officially the most frustrating game on the internet. Bar none it drives me insane. Just for a change on Friday it tipped it down all day. I had thoughts of getting to Blazing Rag with no game on. Thats the last thing I wanted.

Saturday morning I wasn’t up so early in fact up at 10 ish. I had nothing to eat but had a cuppa then sat down and checked the kick off time at the Rag once more. I then watched football focus before we decided to set off at 12:40 for Buxton and mini TJs sponsored run for her football team. Fun, fun, fun!!! We arrived at Buxton Community School quite early so I got dropped off at Rag vs Bradwell and to my delight it was on. I had a raincoat and was prepared for the worst.

Actually I wasn’t prepared for anything after what happened next. The gale force wind and driving rain started. The first half was almost as bad as the weather, the teams appearing from a hut 60 yards from the pitch similar to Edale’s and Blazing Rag were donned in all red while Bradwell Sports wore white with black sleeves, black shorts and black socks. The first half saw few chances and me and my Dad happened to know half of Bradwell’s side combined.

In the second half everything livened up, Blazing Rag took the lead through a header then clipped the bar from over 40 yards. For the Blazing Rag it went all up in flames, Bradwell scored 2 quick goals and it was all over despite Rag’s best efforts. Bradwell scored another where anyone watching or playing could of got hypothermia such was the intensity of the weather

My Dad picked me up and dropped me off 2 minutes away at Silverlands. I arrived about 5 minutes early, my sister had left her money and her phone in the car and I simply couldn’t find her in the ground. So anyway the game kicked off and from the start you could Buxton weren’t going to win. Carl O Donnell knocked home after 18 minutes and you would of expected Marine to push for a second that they’d be expected of getting. They are 2nd in the Unibond Premier Division and at 17th place Buxton.

This simply didn’t happen, Buxton pressed well but couldn’t find an end product consistently fouled and the referee couldn’t care less. Gavin Knight hit the post and then was taken off injured. Gregg Anderson was then victim of a Carl O’Donnell tackle, totally wreckless, late, two footed and it was 4 minute stoppage. A horrible little player. £1.30 for a bacon bap ain’t bad after I covered it in brown sauce, as opposed to £2 for a burger, it was brilliant value for money

Marine came out and did the same in the second half. The keeper had about 70% of Marine second half possession a timewasting cheat, the 6 had no respect and 7 was a troublemaker. Buxton threw everything at Marine but it simply wasn’t going to happen. The Mariners got a very late penalty, Scott Hartley was adjudged to have fouled Shaun Tuck, a foul nobody actually saw. Sean Hussey scored the penalty and there uproar on all 4 sides of Silverlands. Buxton fans hurling abuse at Marine players and the referee who in one word was ‘Sh*te’

I got home, checked the results I knew weren’t in my favour, Hallam and Sheffield Wednesday defeated.


Yet another match..

This will be my shortest match blog ever. H.V.C v Chellaston in the Derbyshire Cup. The day had been ok, double physics isn’t my cup of tea but it was certainly better than the pouring rain. At 3:45 I made my way out onto the field to watch the game. But no I decided to run the line and in battering rain and ripping wind waved a red & yellow flag about for 35 minutes.

The wind and rain stopped and H.V.C were 1-1 against an ok Chellaston side. It looked like FC United of Manchester vs Yeovil Town on kit colours but it was an even game. At half-time I didn’t swap sides with the other linesman who should have played us but flagged them offside a few times much to our defence’s delight.

I had to leave early, 20 minutes early in fact. I got a text through at gone 6 saying we’d gone 3-3, 3-3 after golden goal time then won 5-4 on penalties. Chuffed? Course I was.

Blazing Rag v Bradwell Sports and Buxton v Marine next


You shall not go to match and a 9 goal cracker

Today was like no other Saturday morning at the moment, another early start and another chance to get my trainers soaked before racing to get them dry before the afternoon’s match. Today mini TJ was playing the Buxton Wildcats for only the 3rd time in 5 weeks, this sort of sentence is usually followed by a sarcastic smilie. With wordpress not having smilies I can’t put one, rather frustrating one must say.

I got up at 7:30 by a rather loud dog and my phone blurting out 18-30 by the Reverend and the Makers. I looked through the msn convos I had at 11:30 last night checking if I’d missed anything or said anything I shouldn’t of. Convos on a Friday are usually written under the influence, I hadn’t drunk any alcohol but checked for the hell of it.

I went down and made a cup of tea knowing I wouldn’t have time to drink it, in the end I tipped it into a mini flask and me, mini TJ, Dad and Tip made our way to Buxton where we picked up Tara’s teammate and her Mum. The journey on the A6 was as good as watching a repeat of Sheffield Wednesday vs Grimsby Town in 2002/2003. It was that boring I almost fell asleep though surprisingly we arrived at Darley Dale pitches within 40 minutes of setting off from home.

We went upto the top where the pavillion is located and waited, me and mini TJ having a kick about on the soaked grass and my feet were wet within 5 minutes. The game kicked off at 9:41 with me and about 6 others stood behind the goal cheering the Wolves on. A full report is located…. after the Wildcats 3rd goal a complain was made about us standing behind the goal, the referee told us to move to the sides as apparently we could be putting the opposition off. I’m sorry but aren’t relatives of the players allowed to cheer their side on? Is this wrong?

Half-Time passed quite well, little Tip was enjoying attention and the Wolves were ready to start 2 minutes earlier than their opponents.

The second half was quite funny, the linesman and referee not playing to the full ball out = throw in rule. Instead calling throw in’s when the ball was half out or on the line. 3 more goals followed after 6 goals in a quality first half, the 5-4 scoreline was probably not a fair reflection of the game.

At the end we departed in good spirits, taking the A6 to Ashford, the backroad to Wardlow Myers and the A623 back to Chapel. Everything was going according to plan. We got back to Chapel just after midday and as usual I prepared everything, match reporting stuff, flask, camera and after a bite to eat we set off at 1:20 knowing we’d make kick off quite easily.

We arrived in Sheffield just after 2 and headed out towards Meadowhall on roads I’d not been on for nearly 5 years. Then it clicked, I’d not got a seperate independent set of directions to Parkgate. We followed the navigation system to Green Lane, Rawmarsh and arrived at 2:25. Unfortunately it was the wrong Green Lane and I was 5 miles from Parkgate F.C with no clue how to get there. I was on the wrong end of a b*llocking and we set off towards Parkgate.

Now in Rotherham its fair to say the people aren’t the cleverest and many mock Rotherham for being ‘thick’. The next hour proved that sincerely and after trawling round Rotherham for 40 minutes we couldn’t find the ground and seemed ready to give up. No-one knew where Parkgate Football Club was. At 3:19 I remembered a road near Roundwood Sports Complex and 6 minutes later found the correct Green Lane but no ground entrance.

I was dropped off at a bus stop and was walking into unknown territory. I headed down a lane and past a cricket pitch to Roundwood pavillion with no idea where the ground was. I walked round the pavillion and found the entrance to my uttermost relief. I paid £2.00 and that was the best £2 I’ve ever handed over. I sent a quick text saying I’d arrived at a 0-0 after 27 minutes and stood on the far-side to watch the first half making few notes.

A full report is at – It was the best 1-1 I’ve seen and compared to Buxton vs Boston it was absolutely brilliant. The journey home was better and I was glad I’d got to the game. Thats one derby game out the way but I’m actually concerned about Hallam. I’ll be back in 2 weeks for the Thackley home game.


Bit of an update….

Two games this weekend….Buxton Wolves vs Buxton Wildcats and Parkgate vs Hallam ! !

I’ve so far had no reply from Piotrish about this blog going on Football365 although Saturday I will be officiating again and on 29th October I will be joining Ben Price in the Football Fantime Studio in Chapel….all is looking good

I just hope this rain keeps away….


Match 24…

This game was only known about by 50 people or so, our school vs another. I’m not going to mention school names for obvious reasons, people already know about me already.

The day itself was overlooked by a freak accident, a sunny bright day in Derbyshire overshadowed by a ‘poor’ lad snapping his ankle in two. The Maths, English and History lessons previous to lunch had been ok, I’m running the void with after-school detentions for non completed homework and the excuse of coursework from everyone wasn’t working, the truth was coursework took priority.

So I start to enjoy a nice kick about on the tennis courts, Y11 vs Y10 and 15 minutes in its about 14-5 to us and I have scored 4 very easy goals. The actual score was lost within 2 minutes of kicking off, its that bad! The only problem was and the problem since about March, the same Y10 retard threatening to break my ankle in a tackle. 15 minutes was enough for me, my school top hanging off me and I couldn’t be bothered. I sat down and listened to some reverend and the makers. I then had people asking me why I’d punched a lad in English, he’d taken my phone and some of my money and didn’t expect a reaction. I went back and played some more

I couldn’t find the net and within 5 minutes I was sporting a split lip for trying to a win a header, the other lad went in foot at head height. I sat down and played Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 on my phone, I was beating Strasbourg 22-0 with Man Utd, Man Red as the game calls them. The lad who has threatened to break my ankle got the ball, he then tripped over his own feet and landed awkwardly. I at first thought he was faking it. That was until I saw the compound facture. Very Eduardo like and I felt like throwing up. An ambulance was called, the injury horrific, everyone in shock.

Call me bitter or what have you but I spent double Physics actually mocking the accident. He had threatened to break my ankle and then breaks his own in a freak accident. I sit here at 9pm, on Monday night 7.5 hours after his accident and still think the same. I normally am very considerate in these situations but with the pathetic two foot jumping in on legs by him and his cronies for 7 months I was glad. He’ll not walk for a while its a shame really, quality footballer with no brains when he plays against me

Little did most of the school realise the seriousness until about 2:30, an air ambulance was landing. We waited until our mini break then went and checked it out and whipped my camera out and took a pic of the air ambulance. Talk about a dramatic exit! The only air ambulance in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicester and Rutland been scrambled to the school. Physics passed quickly with no-one back in lessons for a while

The game came, 4:00pm stood on the field, just after school taking shots from 30 yards or so. My feet aren’t exactly good at the moment. The portable goalposts were moved into position by our team, I took a shot at the smallest lad in the team from nearly 40 yards and smacked him in the back of the head! I then spent 10 minutes running as far as I could, for a small lad he’s powerful and fast. 4:30 came, no sign of the opposition. Me and a few lads went back and took shots again, one in 11 of mine went in, a 30 yard run and 25 yard shot into the far corner.

It was at this point I told my mate Kyle running the line I’d like to cover the game with a report, this below is only brief but very little else happened! Hopefully this will get published in the newsletter.

They turned up and within 3 minutes were penalised for something only my mate Shez will know. He appealed and our lot had a penalty. Injured Jack stepped up and with as little power possible put it straight down the middle. The rain started to come down and the game turned rather scrappy, We weren’t able to apply offside correctly and the winger headed an equaliser on 28 minutes. I started playing a little football and the ball got floated into the air, I took aim with an acrobatic effort at the Y11s watching the game, it managed to hit the bench, fly up and over into the courts almost taking out a netball player from some other school. A bit silly, my jeans we covered in mud.

The two strikers for us were lively, a 30 yard lob sailing just over and our centre mid keeper pulling off some fine saves, one of which an acrobatic one hand save to stop a volley headed for the roof of the net. I often slate quite a few of the players but against a strong opposite back four they did rather well and exploited every possible gap they had. After 35 minutes the half drew to a close, our school the better.

The second half was much like the first, a scrappy start but our right winger caused a few problems, well he’d of given the keeper a problem, had he not blazed over from 18 yards on the angle instead of cutting in further. It was on 50 minutes I had to leave and told Kyle to tell me about anything major that went on after. He said 1-1 draw and that was it. The remaining 20 minutes was poor and a 1-1 draw was a fair result

I get home and then open an inbox crammed and the ChapelTom topic on

Parkgate vs Hallam next or Buxton vs Hednesford Town if I can scrap the cash together….I’m running low on money having worked about 3 times in 3 months. Normally I work 5 times a month. The money is drying up…


Stuff soon gets around

When I started this blog it was because I didn’t know whether the website would continue this season, 22 miles to a home game is quite a lot when your busy. Anyone unsure about why I carry a  clipboard should turn their attention to the match reports section, I write the reports and make notes on the games. I’ve been doing this since I was 12.

The recent comments on the Football 365 website have been read by members of this forum >>>> <<<< where I’ve made over 1400 posts. The comments don’t bother me, the fact its called to my attention on a site I frequently visit. The Buxton FC Bloke posts under various names and I know who it is.

This blog will stay open but the reason I posted the snap post below what to highlight the fact I know people read it no matter how boring or small talky some find it.


Unfortunately due to a lack of money having not worked in 3 weeks, only twice in 3 months and a pile of coursework my next game is next Saturday, the 18th Parkgate vs Hallam

The replay was a 3-1 defeat for Hallam and on the 11th I was out all day with my Dad, we missed mini TJ and her team win 16-0 vs Whaley Bridge. A massive win and I’m not overally happy that something I had to came up. If the 16-0 was delayed for another week

No game in midweek either, 2 weeks without football is ok if you have something to do. I’m currently up to my shoulders in coursework unfortunately.

I may have to shut this blog down as well, I’ve been getting some strange emails atm abwt this blog from people who read it